About Us

Bob Faigel has over fifteen years of sales, channel, partner and business development experience; as well as strategic alliance and relationship management experience with companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 companies. In the process, Bob has identified, assessed, engaged, scaled, and managed the relationships. Bob has established and managed partnerships with third-party content and technology providers. He has also negotiated and delivered licensing agreements with independent software providers and system integrators.

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Success Factors

Impact The intent of a channel distribution program is to achieve a vital and visible impact on the organization’s performance, adding real sales productivity and long term value. Achieving such impact requires a willingness and readiness on the part of the organization, as well a selected channel partners, to make what may be significant changes to existing methods, structures, and values.

Vision – A compelling view of the opportunities offered by each channel relationship ia a cornerstone of its ultimate success and the realization of its maximum potential. The essence of this vision is the establishment of expectations, goals and objectives together with a guidance system to measure success and correct deviations in performance as required.

Familiarity – The most effective channel partnerships involve a high degree of closeness, sharing, mutual trust, and communication. When these exist at every level of the partners’ organization, the result is more information flow, more needs identified, more opportunities on the table, all necessary resources applied to customers needs, and more business done.